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Invoice Management

Axcel Support Services understands the importance of invoice processing to the fortune of your business. Any errors in your invoicing function has a negative effect on the customers perception of your business and consequently the professional relationship with your company. This is why we provide top-notch assistance to allow you to outsource invoice processing services with us and reap huge benefits.​

The Process


Axcel Support receives the scanned invoices from the client and ensures the accuracy of both invoices and data. After which, our team imports the data into your accounts payable system by using a file transfer protocol. We support various accounts payable file formats including but not limited to XML. Our many years of experience and team of hard workers allow us to take up huge volumes of work and deliver it on time, every time. Outsourcing with us has numerous benefits such as:

  • Free up huge resources.

  • Concentrate on your core business.

  • Get access to a pool of highly skilled experienced human resources at low cost.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a vital function of your business is in professional hands.

  • Huge savings.

  • Accurate and accelerated process.

Service Overview


We undertake invoice processing for SMBs to make sure that you are free to handle other tasks related to your core services. Our software, experienced workforce, and updated technology allow us to surpass mediocrity. To take invoice processing to a next level, we use software such as OCR and ICR recognition technology. For better data capturing such as vendor ID, date, and total amounts, we use software solutions that are known to provide accurate solutions. This process not just guarantees quality but also maximize accuracy.
What we do when you outsource invoice processing services to us includes but is not limited to:

  • Purchase order and invoice matching.

  • Data validation for the right code and value.

  • Data extraction from header and line items.

  • Creation of e-invoice receipts.

  • Creation of PO receipts.

  • Full logging all your transactions.

  • Create comprehensive reports.

  • Provide e-mail, chat, and phone assistance.

  • Keep your information confidential.

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