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Recruitment Solutions

Comprehensive Recruiting Solution - Reduce your Cost

We help to reduce your cost by almost 80%. For example, if you hire a recruiter or recruiting company, typical charges are one month salary which equates to $10,000 to $12,000 dollar for each position with no guarantee. With Axcel, you pay typically $1500-$1800 Per Position with a 90 days guarantee.  


How our Team Works:

  • Our team work as recruitment subject matter experts or facilitator to your HR and in-house recruiting teams. Our staff represents our clients when discussing job requirements with potential employees or new hires.

  • We identify the candidates on your behalf via our different recruitment sources and tools to propose the most suitable candidates as per the job requirements.

  • We work during the US hours, making the recruiting process a round the clock operation.

  • We submit qualified candidate resumes along with summary for each candidate qualification, special skills and certifications, and employment suitability.

  • We arrange for face to face interview, get commitment letter, coordinate with your Program or Hiring Manager.

  • We seek feedback after each interview and refine our search if candidate does not meet the requirement.

  • We only charge once hiring is done by our client.

  • We only source US Citizens and/or green cards

  • We only provide support to Prime Contractor or Vendors

Reduce Your HR and Administrative Cost in the LPTA environment


For Clients our Recruitment services extends to our complete HR Solution. We can issue Offer Letter, Benefits paper work on your behalf. Outsource all your needs to our team and Save on your Administrative Cost. 

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